The church was filled with friends and joy. Abby and Christian sat perpendicular to the congregation, and their love and excitement for each other and marriage was evident. Father Petri’s voice filled the room as he reflected on the most basic and fundamental truths of our faith, and of marriage. Like the first paragraph of […]

Mr. and Mrs. Obuchowski

Amy headed to the hotel lobby with Claire and her bridesmaids. The limo to the church had arrived. Everyone climbed on board. It wouldn’t be long now. Patrick was already at the church waiting for the start of their nuptial Mass. Kyle was there with him. Amy sat with Claire’s mom, Victoria, and as they […]

Mr. and Mrs. Moran

As we parked at the church parking lot, we looked for Abby and Christian’s car. Just then they pulled in and parked next to us. This wasn’t a typical location for us to first meet our clients. We were at the church where they will be married and celebrate at their reception in October. After […]

Abby & Christian

Our relationship with Hayley and Chris is unique compared to most of our other couples. For one, we knew them before they became clients, and two, they live here in Emmitsburg with us. These two things have allowed us more time than usual to get to know them and the story of their relationship before […]

Hayley & Chris’s Engagement Session

DC is a quiet city at 6 in the morning. At the start of Claire and Patrick’s engagement session, the pink morning sky stretched widely across the historical buildings and monuments. A few zealous souls climbed up and down the stairs of the Jefferson Memorial, getting in that daily cardio, but for the most part, […]

Claire & Patrick

Libby took a seat on a chair in the middle of the dance floor. Stephen stood ten paces across the room. His eyes locked on his new bride. Men from his Catholic fraternity huddled behind him. Libby’s eyes shone with the brightest twinkle as she looked from her husband to his friends. The room was […]

Mr. & Mrs. Racz

The excitement and joy from the nuptial Mass still clung to the air. We hid from the hot sun with Roxio and Alexis on the side of the church. The small strip of shade provided great relief and a moment’s rest. Alexis held in his hands a box. It was a long rectangular box, and […]

Mr. and Mrs. Piña

Thank you to all of the vendors who made Ann and Alex’s wedding day so beautiful! Officiant’s name: Fr. David Dufresne Church: The Basilica of St Mary Reception venue: George Mason’s Gunston Hall Wedding planner/coordinator: Larissa Wedding Designs Florist: Blue Ribbon Floral Catering: Rocklands BBQ Cake: The Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe DJ/entertainment services: Event Entertainment Dress: […]

Mr. and Mrs. Rulon

The minivan we had borrowed from my parents bumped up and down on the service road. It wasn’t glamorous transportation, but we did have a spectacular view. The sun sent out its golden rays to cover every last blade of grass covering the rolling hills. Everything felt quite magical. Libby and Stephen had left their […]

Libby & Stephen

The once bright sun now hid behind the early evening clouds. It was much darker than usual for 5 o’clock, the type of darkness that covers everything just before the rain. The bridal party rested in the bridal suite right behind the courtyard in which we stood. Rain began to slowly drop from the heavy […]

Mr. & Mrs. Sielaff