We’re always excited to hear from our couples about the planning process for their wedding. Each couple focuses on something unique and we get a peek at what their wedding day will be like. There are often small or large pieces that are causing stress, as well as pieces that they are looking forward to […]

Erin & PJ

Leandra and Joe stood in the lobby with their bridal party while they waited to be introduced. They passed the time talking and laughing. Each of them wore a pair of heart-shaped glasses with their names showcased along the bottom of the lenses. Their family and friends were waiting to greet them on the other […]

Mr. and Mrs. Conant

We love the idea of living a simple life. Think of all the best parts of minimalism and apply them to the Catholic family: detachment from things, plenty of time for prayer, the ability to focus on what is most important, etc. Although we pray for simple and contemplative lives, the world makes it hard […]

Mr. and Mrs. McGrain

Amy was a little more excited than usual for Meghan and Zach’s engagement session. During our consultation call, we discovered that Amy and Zach were from the same town and had gone to the same high school, though their years there never overlapped. Amy is always deeply nostalgic about her experience growing up. She will […]

Meghan and Zach

Caitlin stood in her living room, surrounded by light and silence. The peace in her heart was contagious and affected everyone and everything around her. Her elegant, timeless gown was recently fastened on by her mom and her sister Rebecca. She made a beautiful bride who was ready to marry Max. Caitlin’s sisters and bridesmaids […]

Mr. and Mrs. Bindernagel

Most of the trees were now bare. The sun filtered down through their boney branches, but it didn’t provide much warmth any longer. Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge was quiet, only entertaining a few others who were enjoying the beautiful views of the changing seasons. We were so happy to be there with Leandra and […]

Leandra & Joe

Bridget stood with her bridesmaids and parents in a small room. The church next door was filling up with her and Bobby’s family and friends. She waited with butterflies in her stomach. It was almost time for their nuptial Mass. The clock’s hands moved slower in those last moments before Bridget and Bobby met next […]

Mr. and Mrs. Lebair

The unseasonably warm breeze blew off the Potomac. It was one of the last days of the year when we wouldn’t need a jacket. The last remaining autumn leaves clung to the trees, as if hoping themselves to enjoy one last touch of summer. As a result, Jones Point Park teemed with visitors hoping to […]

Caitlin & Max

As we pulled into the Grotto parking lot, we were one of the only cars there. We’re used to the grounds being packed, but this was late on a Friday, nearing close, and most pilgrims were gone for the day. Bridget and Tom arrived and Amy helped Bridget make a few last-minute decisions about jewelry, […]

Bridget & Tom

Fall at the Grotto is beautiful. The white statues pop off the colorful backdrop made of leaves. The air is crisp and it feels amazing to be outside. The silence of the season is obvious. All of nature is quieting itself for the oncoming winter, and the silence enters into the hearts of the pilgrims […]

Emma & Franke