Bridget stood with her bridesmaids and parents in a small room. The church next door was filling up with her and Bobby’s family and friends. She waited with butterflies in her stomach. It was almost time for their nuptial Mass. The clock’s hands moved slower in those last moments before Bridget and Bobby met next […]

Mr. and Mrs. Lebair

The unseasonably warm breeze blew off the Potomac. It was one of the last days of the year when we wouldn’t need a jacket. The last remaining autumn leaves clung to the trees, as if hoping themselves to enjoy one last touch of summer. As a result, Jones Point Park teemed with visitors hoping to […]

Caitlin & Max

As we pulled into the Grotto parking lot, we were one of the only cars there. We’re used to the grounds being packed, but this was late on a Friday, nearing close, and most pilgrims were gone for the day. Bridget and Tom arrived and Amy helped Bridget make a few last-minute decisions about jewelry, […]

Bridget & Tom

Fall at the Grotto is beautiful. The white statues pop off the colorful backdrop made of leaves. The air is crisp and it feels amazing to be outside. The silence of the season is obvious. All of nature is quieting itself for the oncoming winter, and the silence enters into the hearts of the pilgrims […]

Emma & Franke

The golden and red hues of fall surrounded us. Leaves crunched underfoot. As the sun warmed our skin, the breeze encouraged us to pull our jackets a little tighter. A blanket of leaves covered the road and the grass. The beauty was breathtaking. It felt like we were walking around in another world as we […]

Natalie & Noah

Carolyn and Jimmy The park was bustling with people. Summer’s drastic transition to fall was calling all of us to take a closer look. The usual scenic views at Fort Hunter Mansion and Park were crowded with visitors, but fall had converted the entire park into a scenic view. We waited to cross the busy […]

Carolyn & Jimmy

Throughout the three years that we’ve been photographing weddings, we’ve seen a lot of great days. With each wedding day, we hear an amazing homily. After some time, the themes and words of these homilies began to blur together, but what stands out in our memories are the statements we most agree with. Kyle usually […]

Mr. and Mrs. Castro

There is nothing quite like a change of plans to show someone’s true colors. As we prepared for Madison and Evan’s engagement session, this is exactly what happened to us. They chose the National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes for their location, which was an excellent choice and a place we regularly go […]

Madison & Evan

There are certain people in this world who are hard to forget. Those who simultaneously stir up a desire in you to both spend more time with them and to become more like them. When Amy went on a mission trip with A Simple House in 2015, she met people like this. She stayed in […]

Mr. and Mrs. Crosby

Most of us have a list of things we’d like to do or change about ourselves before getting married. Sometimes there really are issues that need to be worked through, but more often than not, we are simply operating with expectations that are too high of ourselves and others pertaining to marriage. Some people end […]

Karen & Jimmy