Mr. and Mrs. O’Canas


After shooting with Amy at the girls’ getting-ready location, Kyle made his way over to where Zach and his groomsmen were getting ready. They were in a cabin about one hundred steps from the girls. The walk from the first location to the next was quiet. Fall had settled in at the Lodges at Gettysburg and colorful leaves were scattered silently all over the hills. As Kyle arrived at the cabin and greeted Zach, he let him know how beautiful Meghan looked and that we had met the real star of the show, Hudson. That’s when Zach’s eyes started to fill with tears. 

With all the events surrounding the wedding, Zach had been away from Meghan and Hudson for a while. He told Kyle, “I hate having to be away from them. It’s so hard. I just want to see them and be with them.” It was clear that all of the excitement surrounding the wedding day paled in comparison to just being with the two people he loved most. We saw this type of love throughout the day in different ways, and from different people: Zach’s mom wiping away tear after tear in joyful anticipation of the day; Meghan’s parents hugging her during Dad and Meghan’s first look, knowing that their daughter would soon be married; all of the celebratory hugs Meghan and Zach received from their guests immediately following the sacrament of matrimony. Being with the people whom you love is clearly the most important thing for Meghan, Zach, their family, and their friends.

Meghan and Zach, your wedding day was beautiful and so much fun, but it was also obvious that you weren’t hung up on the details and events, trying to make the day “perfect.” In fact, it was your love for one another, Hudson, and all your family and friends that made your wedding day so joyful, relaxing, and—dare we even say—perfect! Matrimony is such a gift because now you are joined as a family and never need to be separated. Your story may have started with Meghan trying to get the bartender’s (Zach’s) number, but we have yet to see where it will end. Enjoy the adventure of loving one another and those around you! We were so happy to be a part of your story and cannot wait to see where God leads you next.


Amy and Kyle

Thanks to all of the vendors who helped to make Meghan and Zach’s wedding day so great!

Officiant: Father Moran

Church: Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

Reception venue and catering: The Lodges at Gettysburg

Director of events: Beth Senseney

Bridal Bouquet: Topiary 219

Cake: Karen Rodkey Cakes

DJ/entertainment services: Ultimix DJs

Dress: The Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Birdy Grey

Groomsmen and Zach attire: Menguin

Invitations: With Joy