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we're a small Catholic family

it's us!

We fell in love with photography when our daughter, Winnie, was born! She is our one and only miracle baby. When we got married, we expected and hoped for a large family, and that's exactly what God gave to us through this business. Our hearts have so much love to give, and that love goes into each and every couple whom we serve. For us, this isn't just about taking photos; it's about helping, serving, praying, and caring for those who trust us to play such an important role on their wedding day. Our family prays for our couples every day and our couples pray for one another, too!

Turns out our family isn't so small after all!

We wanted to offer others what we sought after ourselves

Our Story

Our story began in February 2013 at an interview weekend for FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students). We both joined staff and served as missionaries at each other’s alma mater while quickly falling in love. 

While planning our wedding, we searched for a photographer who would be respectful of the Eucharist and Nuptial Mass, since these are most important to us. We were even willing to compromise on quality in order to guarantee respect! It was stressful.

On our ten-month wedding anniversary, we were blessed with a miracle baby and we named her Winnie Marie after St. Winifred and the Blessed Mother. Amy became obsessed with photography while staying at home with Winnie, wanting to capture the fleeting moments of that first year. 

When Kyle came home from work, Amy would excitedly tell him all she learned that day and our evenings quickly became a time for study and practice. As newlyweds and new parents, this shared hobby helped our friendship with one another grow and gave us a fun project to focus on. We think all couples should share a passion or hobby together! 

After some time, friends started asking us to shoot their weddings. We remembered how much we desired reverent coverage of our own Nuptial Mass and recognized the need for sacramental photographers. We said yes and haven’t stopped since. Over the years our business has adapted and changed, but it still exists to provide a service Catholic couples can trust—reverent and discreet coverage of the sacrament and beautiful, timeless images of the entire wedding day. 


Until that point, looking for a photographer had been pretty stressful because there were many things we wanted that the other photographers didn’t offer, but Amy and Kyle exceeded every wish we had for our engagement and wedding day photos."

-Emily and Brock

"When we chose Amy and Kyle for our wedding photographers we had a great sense of calm.


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