Miriam and Rob


Before every wedding, we offer an engagement session to our couples as a gift. Over the last five years of shooting weddings, we’ve experienced firsthand how intimate our role as photographers is, and the time spent together before the wedding helps to lay a good foundation. We like to establish a basic understanding of who the bride and groom are independent of the busyness of the wedding day. It helps us see them more truly, the way their family and friends see them.

We’ve walked away from every engagement session filled to the brim with joy. By entrusting this business into God’s hands, He has always blessed us with the most lovely brides and grooms, and each couple has blessed us and our marriage with their faithful example. When we walked away from Miriam and Rob’s engagement session, we felt like we had just spent an evening with close friends. 

Miriam presents as very composed and calculated, but as the session continued on and we were able to know more and more about her, it became clear that she has a deep desire for games and spontaneity—and to bring others into this playfulness with her. And Rob and Kyle had enough in common to initiate many eye rolls from Amy throughout the night as they fixated on having more and more cannons in the photos! At the core, we felt the way we did because Miriam and Rob are both humble, joyful, and happy to be in the moment. 

Miriam and Rob, we’re so excited to celebrate with you! When you were telling us about your ideas for your reception, we could already imagine how much fun your friends and family will have and we’re sure the day will be memorable for all! It is one thing to be joyful like you both are, but it is another to let your joy be contagious and spread to others. Your session was our first time shooting since Amy’s dad passed, and God used our time with you to show us just how much there is to be joyful about, even in grief, even in loss. We are blessed and thankful to have your wedding to look forward to in just one week! Thank you for letting us come along on this journey with you.

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle