Bridget stood with her bridesmaids and parents in a small room. The church next door was filling up with her and Bobby’s family and friends. She waited with butterflies in her stomach. It was almost time for their nuptial Mass. The clock’s hands moved slower in those last moments before Bridget and Bobby met next […]

Mr. and Mrs. Lebair

Throughout the three years that we’ve been photographing weddings, we’ve seen a lot of great days. With each wedding day, we hear an amazing homily. After some time, the themes and words of these homilies began to blur together, but what stands out in our memories are the statements we most agree with. Kyle usually […]

Mr. and Mrs. Castro

There are certain people in this world who are hard to forget. Those who simultaneously stir up a desire in you to both spend more time with them and to become more like them. When Amy went on a mission trip with A Simple House in 2015, she met people like this. She stayed in […]

Mr. and Mrs. Crosby

The tent was abuzz with conversation. People were talking about how beautiful the Mass was and how happy they were for Emily and Brock. We also found ourselves lost in conversation with an old friend, Br. Mike, when Brock came to let us know that he and Emily were about to make their rounds of […]

Mr. & Mrs. Drahus

Mr. Carpenter had everyone giggling as he spoke of peacock feathers and pointed out their quickly-passing beauty. Once you get a good look, he said, you’re likely to be less impressed by what once seemed so beautiful. Though this is typically the case, it’s not what happened when he handed Christine, his “peacock feather,” to […]

Mr. and Mrs. Laflamme

The church was dark due to the evening rain. It was the middle of the week, but also so much more. All of us in attendance had woken up that morning expecting a typical Wednesday, but by 7 pm we found ourselves in the pews at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Brighton, Michigan. Deacon Jerry […]

Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien

Champagne bubbled in tall glasses. Family and friends turned their attention first to the matron of honor, then to the best man, then to members of the bride and groom’s family. The room was silent so as to not miss a word from speech givers. The best man and matron of honor often know the […]

Mr. and Mrs. Morie

Lights and candles sparkled throughout the barn. A colorful sunset illuminated the sky beyond the mountains. Friends and family selected their own seats in the beautiful and comfortable space. The evening was filled with so much joy.  Fr. Diego stood with a microphone in one hand and a gift in the other. As he shared […]

Mr. and Mrs. Coli

The church was filled with friends and joy. Abby and Christian sat perpendicular to the congregation, and their love and excitement for each other and marriage was evident. Father Petri’s voice filled the room as he reflected on the most basic and fundamental truths of our faith, and of marriage. Like the first paragraph of […]

Mr. and Mrs. Obuchowski

Amy headed to the hotel lobby with Claire and her bridesmaids. The limo to the church had arrived. Everyone climbed on board. It wouldn’t be long now. Patrick was already at the church waiting for the start of their nuptial Mass. Kyle was there with him. Amy sat with Claire’s mom, Victoria, and as they […]

Mr. and Mrs. Moran