Katie & Colby


God doesn’t write average stories. When we surrender ourselves to Him, He plans incredible things for us. Testimony encourages us to share with others the incredible workings of God in our lives. When we tune into what God is doing, He always amazes us. As we chatted with Katie and Colby at the beginning of their engagement session, they shared with us about God’s workings in their lives.

They’ve been dating since high school and went on a quest together for truth. After a lot of reading and research, they arrived at the Catholic Church. Their love and understanding of who God is grew as they were in college, and now they are preparing to take that love to the next level by entering into their vocation. A life lived in the presence and awareness of God is incredible. During our session, they revealed how the patroness of their engagement has been St. Faustina, and without realizing it we had scheduled their engagement session for October 5th—St. Faustina’s feast day. There was also a special candlelight Mass planned for that evening, which meant that they wouldn’t miss daily Mass even though the engagement session overlapped with the other times when they’d usually go to Mass. It makes us wonder how many other incredible details are worked into our daily lives by the Lord that we miss. 

Katie and Colby, is there anything on this earth more joyful than pursuing the truth and attaining it with the person you love? We were so touched by your story, and having been married now for seven years, we know how much this foundation is going to support you. We’re always walking that line between Heaven and the abyss, and our vocation is what keeps us moving in the right direction. We will never learn so much about God that we are completely satisfied. He will continue to reveal Himself to us more and more, and your vocation will now be the means He uses to do just that. We’re so excited for your wedding and we are praying for you!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle