Veronica & Tommy


Fall is an ideal time for any photo session. When the leaves are at their peak, they make the most lovely backdrop. Those hues of red, gold, and orange bring about cozy thoughts and memories, and Veronica and Tommy’s engagement session came on a day when the overcast sky made the colors pop all the more. When we started shooting, it seemed like any other session, but then we noticed the wind.

Their session ended up being one of the windiest shoots we’ve ever done! As it blew Veronica’s hair this way and that, her contagious laughter filled the air. We could see the admiration for her come alive in Tommy’s eyes as he listened to her chuckling. Whether it’s wind on their engagement session or some other unexpected trial, these two are clearly able to face obstacles with joyful hearts. It can be a bit annoying when things don’t go the way we expect, but our attitude makes all the difference in the situation.

Veronica and Tommy, you’ll experience highs and lows throughout your marriage, but don’t even let the waves of the storm overtake you. Be vulnerable and share in one another’s suffering. There is a beauty to spouses who lean on and need the other. It’s similar to the way God desires for us to rely on and need Him. You’ll find Him present in your vocation, in each other. We’re praying for you and can’t wait for your wedding!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle