Tricia and Steve’s Wedding


Tricia stood in her bedroom, her mother at her left, both women looking into the mirror. Mother and daughter. Mother and bride. Patti raised her hands to adjust Tricia’s veil. It floated down over her shoulders. It looked very much the same when Patti wore it on her own wedding day. A golden cross necklace wrapped around Tricia’s wrist like a bracelet. The same golden cross necklace worn by her mother, grandmother, aunts, and cousins on their own journey to the altar. Tricia’s eyes met her mother’s. Both women smiled. This wasn’t the first time Patti had stood looking into a mirror with a bride smiling back at her, though the last time she was in this situation, she herself was the bride, her own mother standing at her side, both women smiling. 

While Tricia and her bridesmaids were getting ready, she specifically requested this shot. In a way it honors the relationship her mother and grandmother shared, and in another way it carries on a tradition for future generations. Tricia choosing to wear her mother’s veil, and the golden cross necklace worn by so many other women in her family, showcases her love for her family even more. All of these little gestures are ways she brought loved ones—both those who are with us, and those who have already passed away—along with her on her wedding day. She even requested a photo with both of her flower girls and with maid-of-honor Julie, since the flower girls are cousins just like she and Julie. Perhaps a new tradition will spring forth from that photo as well! 

As much as Tricia pays attention to details from her family and past, Steve looks to the future with just as much attention and commitment. His best man Josh had everyone smiling and laughing during his toast to the happy couple as he recounted Steve’s 2015 trip to Belgium for the bicentennial anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Steve had decided years before that he would travel to Belgium after figuring out which battles had centennial anniversaries approaching within his lifetime. Waterloo fit the bill, and he committed to going. When the time arrived it would have been easy to brush the idea to the side and forget about it, but that’s not what Steve did. He went. Just like he said he would. A man capable of keeping his word, even when it’s not convenient to do so! 

Tricia and Steve, we see a tremendous amount of virtue and goodness within both of you. Looking at who you each are as individuals and imagining how your strengths will come together within your family is so exciting! We can’t even wrap our minds around the good you are capable of doing. Holy families strengthen the Church and help point the world to Jesus. Praise God for bringing the two of you together to make a new holy family. We are so excited to watch Him continue His work in your lives. You are loved by so many, as could be seen by the hundreds of people who came to support you throughout your wedding day. Thank you for your faithfulness to God, which is a powerful witness to us all. We love you and we are praying for you often! Thank you for allowing us to celebrate such a beautiful day with you. We pray that our photos will help you cherish the memories from your wedding day forever!


Amy and Kyle

A special thanks is in order to all who helped make Tricia and Steve’s wedding so wonderful!

Ceremony: St. George Parish

Officiant: Fr. Sam Schneider

Venue: The Oaks Ballroom

Catering: Anthony’s Restaurante and Banquet Center

Cake: BJs Wholesale

Florals: Bonnie’s Wonder Gardens

Photography: Amy and Kyle Catholic Photography

Videography: Eve Siconolfi

DJ: Michael Herbert

Dress: Brides Across America

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Azazie

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: United States Air Force