Tricia and Steve


We sat at our kitchen table with two good friends. They listened as we cast our vision for a Catholic photography business. God had recently placed this desire in our hearts, so we were sharing it with friends often to hear feedback and ask for prayers. After sharing our ideas with these people in particular, one of them said, “I have a recently engaged friend who needs to hear about this.” That friend was Tricia. 

Tricia served as a Catholic missionary with FOCUS—the Fellowship of Catholic University Students—just like we did. Currently she works as the campus minister at Temple University in Philadelphia. Her fiancé, Steve, also lives in Philly and serves in the Air Force. Though they were brought to the area for different reasons, their Catholic faith is what ultimately led them to one another. One evening Tricia and Steve both separately headed to Theology on Tap hosted at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, and there they met one another. Steve asked Tricia on a date, and that date led to another, and another, and so on until they found themselves in Gettysburg making their relationship official. Fast forward to Steve making forever official when he asked Tricia to marry him at the same spot in Gettysburg. 

Tricia and Steve, we think God has shown off His romantic side by bringing the two of you together. Of all the places you could have ended up, He brought you home to one another. We enjoyed shooting your engagement photos so much, and cannot wait to celebrate your marriage in August! We are so glad you heard the vision we have for our business and wanted to be a part of the family. It’s such an honor to tell your love story and pray for you as you walk this road to your vocation!