Marilyn’s Senior Photos


Mass ended. Winnie ran to the front near the altar. She always runs there at the end of Mass. That’s the only location from where she can see the “green light.” It’s simply the space where the roof and back wall meet. There are bricks missing in a pattern, and when you stand at the front of the church at look back at these missing bricks, you’re able to see a green light reflecting off of the tall trees outside. Usually Kyle or I walk up towards the altar with Winnie while the other prays, but today she had her second cousins with her to roam the church, since our Aunt Jackie was visiting us with three of her daughters.

They were brought down our way from CT to visit colleges with Marilyn, who is a high school senior and the third of Jackie and Raul’s kids to choose a college. She visited one school for the first time, and returned to another college for a second visit—with little sisters and Mom in tow. Though she has lived in NY or CT her entire life, the DC area has been calling her near for college! She isn’t sure of what she’d like to study in school yet, so she can look at any college, regardless of the programs offered. She has loved Catholic University of America the best so far, but is still checking out other options until she knows that she’s found the best fit for her!

Marilyn, we are beyond excited to see where life’s journeys take you! Talking with you about college has made us so nostalgic. When we were seniors looking at colleges ourselves the future’s possibilities seemed endless—and they kind of are! Life presents us with many opportunities, but not all roads lead to happiness. Remain close to the Lord, His Church, and His sacraments, and that will be your surest guarantee of happiness—regardless of the road you choose.