Mandy and Luke’s Wedding


We all gathered under the tent. DJ Boomer walked a loop to find the best man. It was time for his speech. The circumstances made this speech unlike most best man speeches we’ve heard. His relationship to the groom, Luke, goes beyond the title of “childhood friend” or “college roommate.” The best man, Caleb, is Luke‍’s son. He was about to address his dad on his wedding day, as well as Mandy, who is officially and finally his step-mom after many years of living that role out unofficially. As Caleb stepped into the tent and took his place next to his dad, we eagerly waited to hear the words he’d share. DJ Boomer passed him the microphone. He brought it to his mouth and the speech began. 

Caleb made it about five seconds into his speech before Luke jokingly grabbed Caleb’s hand that held the microphone and brought it closer to his mouth. All of their family and friends surrounding them erupted in laughter upon seeing Luke and Caleb’s playful relationship. Caleb started his speech a second time. He spoke about Mandy and Luke’s long history together and poked fun at them meeting at a bar. One aspect of this day that Caleb focused on, which was met with nods and expressions of agreement from the audience of guests, was how great it was that Mandy and Luke were married. This theme ran throughout the entire day more than during most weddings, mainly because of Mandy and Luke’s long and beautiful relationship with one another. During the homily, Msgr. James referenced his premarital meeting with Mandy and Luke and how they expressed their own excitement to finally be married. From their response, Monsignor knew that they were ready to make this commitment to one another and that they’d be a great fit, a great partnership. As everyone raised their glasses with Caleb to toast to the happy couple, there were smiles spreading from ear to ear on every face. 

Mandy and Luke, we are joining the popular opinion of your loved ones and saying that we are so unbelievably elated that you are married at last! The Sacrament of Matrimony will provide grace upon grace to help you live holy, selfless lives. You are both already so loving and joyful, and  we can only imagine all of the wonderful things God will use you for in the future. Though you’ve been together for a while, things are truly so different and better now. You’ll see! Marriage is just the absolute best and we wish you a lifetime of happiness. You are in our prayers! 


Amy and Kyle

The team who made Mandy and Luke’s day possible!

Ceremony: St Ignatius Catholic Church

Venue: Rockfield Manor

Photography: Amy and Kyle Catholic Photography

Florals: Jonathan’s Weddings and Flowers

DJ: Jenny Z Mobile DJ Service

Cake: Woodlea Bakery

Catering: Hill Culinary

Dress: Maggie Sottero, from Pizazz Wedding Boutique

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: JJ’s House

Groom’s and Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse