John offered his arm to his only child, Carolyn. The room waited to welcome them. Family and friends gathered in the church and around the live stream. A deep breath. The moment had arrived. Together they took their first step down the aisle. As guests turned, they were greeted by the image of the beautiful […]

Mr. and Mrs. Lowrance

The sun’s light faded to that familiar gold. It hung low in the sky and illuminated everything with warmth. Jenna’s dad, Joe, stood in the doorway. Half of Jenna and Paul’s families were seated inside of the venue, and the other half were out on the patio. As he held the microphone in his hand, […]

Mr. and Mrs. McAndrew

Guests slowly made their way out of the reception tent. They clutched purses and jackets in their arms. The night of celebrations and dancing was coming to a close. Shoulder to shoulder they stood, as one by one they reached out to take a sparkler. As the flame passed from guest to guest, the lighting […]

Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan

The anticipation of Veronica and Troy’s wedding built as the bridesmaids stepped into the limo. They were about to ride across the campus of Mount St. Mary’s university to the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. Veronica and her dad, Mike, would ride alone next. It was almost time for the limo to circle back around […]

Mr. and Mrs. Donovan

Every room of the Berard house contained people busying themselves. Faith’s sisters and soon-to-be sisters-in-law applied final touches of makeup before getting into their bridesmaid dresses. Faith’s mom, Pat, gave us a tour and showed us where everything was set up for the reception following Mass. Amy captured photos of bridal details while Kyle photographed […]

The Clerxes

Friends and family began to trickle in from the kitchen. The living room, dining room, and stairs started to fill with guests. The Aduccis’ home was decorated with beautiful details here and there for the celebration. Katrina and Kenneth hadn’t originally planned for their wedding reception to be at her parents’ house, but it was […]

Mr. and Mrs. Mason

We stepped out of our car and grabbed our camera bags. Throwing them over our shoulders, we approached the house. Elizabeth grew up here. This had become her home, once again, for the last few weeks. Today it would serve as the getting-ready quarters for Elizabeth and Erick’s wedding Mass. Their original plans didn’t look […]

The Pezoas

Amy closed the bedroom door. Alli, now dressed as the most beautiful bride, sat in a chair by the window. In her hands was a card. Her name, written in Drew’s handwriting, was on the front. Alli said, “I have no idea why I’m crying” as she brought her hand up to her face to […]

The Donovans

I sat at my parents’ dining room table. Winnie played in the living room with my dad. They were hosting a tea party for our old Furbys. Just a normal day. Noting that she was taken care of, I turned to my laptop. I opened the file of images from Elena and Jonathan’s wedding. Everything […]

The Wanners

Frances slipped the last button through its hole on the back of her sister Andrea’s wedding dress. The girls stood smiling at each other, Andrea now looking the part of the beautiful bride. Her best friends—the bridesmaids—waited down the hall to see the bride. Before Andrea could begin her walk down to them, Frances said, […]

The Amatos