Mr. and Mrs. Bindernagel


Caitlin stood in her living room, surrounded by light and silence. The peace in her heart was contagious and affected everyone and everything around her. Her elegant, timeless gown was recently fastened on by her mom and her sister Rebecca. She made a beautiful bride who was ready to marry Max. Caitlin’s sisters and bridesmaids moved gracefully through her home and readied themselves for the wedding while she stood in her living room, drinking in the peaceful and magical moment. Maggie—Caitlin’s friend and bridesmaid—entered the living room now that she was also ready. Seeing Caitlin, she said, “This is how I imagine you entering Heaven. This is how God must see you.”

Most of us are familiar with the famous quote by Maya Angelou that says, “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” We’ve certainly heard it, but until Caitlin and Max’s wedding, we’ve never thought much about that quote. From the moment we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by their bridal party and families. We were taken care of as if we were their honored guests. From our privileged position as their photographers, we had a front-row seat to the incredible relationships that Caitlin and Max share with those around them, and the moment detailed above was just one of many we witnessed. 

What we learned about Caitlin and Max throughout their wedding day is that they are surrounded by the most incredible people. Their family and friends call them to higher heights. They didn’t turn out to be the awesome people they are on their own; their family and friends encouraged them along and helped them become that way. How hard it must be for those who are trying to live holy lives and get to Heaven without the help of the people surrounding them! We heard Caitlin and Max’s friends and family constantly speaking true and beautiful things to them throughout the day.

Caitlin and Max, you had one of the most peaceful and Christ-centered weddings imaginable. It wasn’t this way because you went out of your way with showy gestures or purposefully planned to show off. No, it was like this because of the peace flowing from your hearts and because of who you are as people. There was a certain contemplative joy in you both, and in those you’ve surrounded yourselves with, that was delightful and contagious. We are sure that your marriage is going to uplift and inspire so many people around you, us included. Thank you for trusting us to capture these memories for you! You’ll continue to be in our family’s prayers. 


Amy and Kyle

Thanks to all of Caitlin and Max’s awesome vendors!

Officiant: Fr. Michael Rubeling

Concelebrants: Fr. Grayson Heenan, Fr. Joseph Townsend, Fr. David Dufresne

Church: Basilica of Saint Mary

Reception venue: Gunston Hall  

Florist: Aimee LaGrave

Hair and makeup: Izzy B Makeup

Catering: Mission BBQ

DJ/entertainment services: Di Carlo DJ 

Dress: Stella York, purchased at Posh Bridal

Invitations: The Knot

Favors: S&S Maple Camp