Mr. and Mrs. Crosby


There are certain people in this world who are hard to forget. Those who simultaneously stir up a desire in you to both spend more time with them and to become more like them. When Amy went on a mission trip with A Simple House in 2015, she met people like this. She stayed in contact with one of the missionaries, Chelsea, and over time we both were able to call Chelsea our friend. We were only able to be together in person on a handful of occasions. Most of our interactions were through letters and updates that Chelsea would send, and through praying for Chelsea and the work A Simple House does. 

One letter Chelsea sent ended with a pretty exciting bit of information: “Nash and I have recently started dating!” We hadn’t met Nash, but we knew who he was from the updates that A Simple House regularly sends out. Looking down at this news written in Chelsea’s swirly cursive writing, we felt excitement and nostalgia in our hearts.  

Since we met serving as FOCUS missionaries, we know what it’s like to date, and then later fall in love, with a fellow missionary. There is a shared heart and goal, similar experiences, and the same all-consuming love for God. When that letter arrived, we took our cue to start praying for Chelsea and Nash.

Later on, when Chelsea texted us that they were engaged, we felt that excitement continue to grow, and when they stood at the altar exchanging vows and we were blessed to be the ones photographing them, that joy and excitement became complete. 

Chelsea and Nash, you are an incredibly special couple to us because we admire and love who you both are. Fr. Ivany already spoke beautifully on the topic of home during his homily at your nuptial Mass, but we’ll add a few of our own thoughts here. Home is a concept and place that means something to each of us. Though we all have different ideas of home, and we all have different goals regarding what we want from our home, there is a shared, final home waiting for us after death. You are both the kind of people who help us remember the importance of that final home, and you inspire those around you to live their lives in a way that leads to sainthood. We are so incredibly happy for you, and we will continue to pray for you and your marriage. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!


Amy and Kyle

Thank you to everyone who helped make Chelsea and Nash’s wedding day wonderful!

Officiant’s name: Fr. Mark Ivany

Church: St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

Reception venue: The Columbus Club of Arlington

Florals: flowers purchased from Fenceline Flowers, arranged by Chelsea and family

Hair and makeup: Chelsea and cousins (Samantha and Casey)

Catering: The Columbus Club of Arlington

Cake: Brother Andrew Corriente, OFM CAP

DJ/entertainment services: Rob Hanna, Sound Center Deejays

Invitations and favors: Designed and created by Chelsea