Mr. and Mrs. Laflamme


Mr. Carpenter had everyone giggling as he spoke of peacock feathers and pointed out their quickly-passing beauty. Once you get a good look, he said, you’re likely to be less impressed by what once seemed so beautiful. Though this is typically the case, it’s not what happened when he handed Christine, his “peacock feather,” to Norm. Instead of Christine losing her beauty, her dad reflected on how much more radiant and beautiful Christine became in Norm’s arms. 

We can’t think of a better way to sum up the desire deep in any parent’s heart than to see your child find someone who makes them more radiant than they already are. Not only that, but to know they are marrying someone who will help them to love and serve our Lord, just as Christine and Norm do for one another. 

Christine and Norm, we cannot be more excited to see how you two carry out the Lord’s will together as a family. You both come from families who have shown you awesome examples of how to do this, and that is such an incredible blessing! Though the Lord has called you to such awesome things as individuals, He will call you to even greater heights together. Having each other as a partner and friend will mean that you always have someone to point you in the right direction and encourage you to go higher. We will continue to pray for you! Congratulations!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle

A big thanks to all of the vendors who helped make Christine and Norm’s wedding day so great!

Officiant: Fr. Robert Turner

Church: Saint Mary Parish

Reception venue: Villa Bianca

Florist: Fiona Six

Jeweler: Dan Balboni

DJ: DJ Emerson with B_entertained DJs and More

Hair and Makeup: Sue Phelan and Jana Simon

Cake: Evan Cassidy