Mr. and Mrs. Volz


We had just finished Erin and PJ’s photos at the church. Before heading back over to the Craddock Terry Hotel for their reception, we checked in to see if there were any other photos they wanted at the church. PJ’s face lit up as this question reminded him of something. Yes, they did in fact have a particular photo in mind. Inside the church, through a gate and down some stairs, there is a small alcove. In it, there are three statues: Joseph, Mary, and the child Jesus. PJ told us that he and Erin were hoping to pray there before the Holy Family, and that they would like for us to capture a photo while they did that. 

As they knelt down on the kneelers and began to pray, it created the most beautiful image. Just five days before, Erin and PJ were confirmed and PJ received his first Communion. Now they knelt before us with eyes and hearts fixed on the Holy Family. Though they were only infants in the faith, they had the wisdom to know where to turn to model their marriage and family life. They understand that they don’t need to know God’s plans for their lives right now, and entrusting themselves to the Holy Family will keep them close to God. 

Erin and PJ, we have a great devotion to the Holy Family as well. Seeing you start your marriage this way made us so happy! We wish we had done this on our wedding day, too. As your wedding day progressed and we saw your Holy Family prayer cards that were gifted to each of your guests, it was evident that you wanted to share this love and devotion with your family and friends. Sharing that knowledge with them is such a gift, and it teaches them about something that is important to you both. On wedding days, we all imagine what our lives and family will look like, but we can never know what the future will bring. One this for sure, though, is that remaining close to the Holy Family will carry you through everything that comes your way. We are praying for you and wish you all the best!


Amy and Kyle