We all gathered under the tent. DJ Boomer walked a loop to find the best man. It was time for his speech. The circumstances made this speech unlike most best man speeches we’ve heard. His relationship to the groom, Luke, goes beyond the title of “childhood friend” or “college roommate.” The best man, Caleb, is […]

Mandy and Luke’s Wedding

The sun quickly sank behind the field’s treeline, which was thick and acted like a sponge, absorbing all of the light from the horizon. A new, golden light was spreading across the field. The cool evening breeze was refreshing on our skin, though mosquitoes occasionally bit us. We started down the path, hidden beneath the […]

Engagement Session at Eden Mill

We walked to the back of the restaurant. Kyle and Michael slid into the booth first, followed by Amy and Liesel. We had just been walking around Wissahickon Valley Park for Liesel and Michael’s engagement session, and they invited us to join them for cheesesteaks before we left Philly. The booth, though worn and old, […]

Engagement Session at Wissahickon

We made our way out of the car. One by one we shook hands and introduced ourselves to the other photographers and their significant others. This was our first time attending a styled shoot, or anything like it! Our business is still so young; we took our first paying clients in November 2018. Amy shot […]

Kelly and William Swannanoa Styled Shoot

We stood in the back of Swannanoa. The colonnade loomed on the hill above us. Grass pierced through cracks in the stone marble steps. The intricate white structure, scarred. The grounds had been neglected over a couple different periods of time since its construction 107 years ago. What stood before us now whispered a love […]

Charlotte and Jeff Swannanoa Styled Shoot

My face hurt. I mean it seriously, truly hurt. We had been laughing with Shannon and Dan for so long that the smile was actually causing me pain. After composing ourselves for more photos Shannon and Dan stood staring into one another’s eyes. Their joy brought a smile to their lips. I encouraged them to […]

Shannon and Dan Swannanoa Styled Shoot

Our car followed the road’s curves. Higher we climbed up Afton mountain. The views, breathtaking. Turns and bends eventually produced a sign: “Swannanoa.” After weeks of planning, we had arrived! A bit further up the road, another sign: “Private party 5pm-8pm.” That’s us! All of our preparation and anticipation brought us here. A historic mansion […]

Mary and Benjamin Swannanoa Styled Shoot

Dear Winnie,   Gray clouds spread their thick bodies across the sky. Mr. Sun was nowhere in sight. The air was cool and refreshing. One. Two. Three. Slowly you made your way up the old wooden stairs. A smile spread across your face in anticipation of what was waiting for you at the top. My […]

Dear Winnie, a Trip to Clark’s Elioak Farm

I parked my car next to their white Ford. The buildings that make up the Hampton National Historic Site surrounded us. While planning for this engagement session I had recommended various locations, but not this one. To be honest, I heard about it for the first time when Caitlin texted me saying they’d like to […]

Hampton National Historic Site Engagement Session

It was a Saturday evening in 2015. The Redskins were playing the next day. After a year of dating, Christiana was used to sharing Danny with his favorite team on the weekends. The Redskins. His first love. Christiana heard Danny’s car outside. She made her way to the garage to greet him. When she saw […]

Engagement Session at Fedex Field