Beautiful Family of Six at Fulton Park in CT


The van door slid open. Kyle and I could hear little voices and giggles. The sound traveled from the road to the park, where we were waiting. Waiting to greet the DiDominzio family. Typically, children are a little shy and apprehensive about a photoshoot. Typically. Not Matthew, Maggie, Abby, or Ben! “I see a squirrel!” Matthew shouted, as he ran full speed ahead into the park. His two sisters trailed closely behind him. Their wonderful high energy kept them smiling and laughing the whole time we were together. It was utterly exhausting and life-giving all at once!


Laura and Marc have welcomed these four beautiful children into their family during their seven years of marriage. I can remember meeting them for the first time, back when they were only parents to two children. We were in the basement of St. Margaret Catholic Church in Waterbury, CT, after Sunday Mass. Kyle had just proposed the day before and I was excited to show off my new ring. Laura and Marc were there, just like they were every Sunday, spending time with the community they loved after spending time with our Lord at Mass. I watched them interact with Matthew and Maggie, and each other, and I immediately admired them. When I was introduced to them, they were so attentive to our conversation. I remember thinking that I could stand there and talk with them all day. Their family was so beautiful, and it filled Kyle and me with excitement and anticipation for the family we hoped to have one day.


Laura and Marc, now that we are also parents (to just ONE child) we admire both of you all the more. Marriage is hard. Being a parent is harder. Following Christ is hard! Your family shows us how all of this hard work is SO worth it. The love you have for one another and for your children shines through you both, and it’s beautiful. When I look at your family I see “you over me,” “love over annoyance,” and “joy over frustration.” In his encyclical Familiaris Consortio, Pope St. John Paul II says, “For it is [Christ] who, by virtue of the fact that marriage of baptized persons has been raised to a sacrament, confers upon Christian married couples a special mission as apostles, sending them as workers into His vineyard, and, in a very special way, into this field of the family.” The way you love your family is your most impressive and honor-worthy work, and you’re doing a great job! Kyle and I have great role models to look towards in you!