Hampton National Historic Site Engagement Session


I parked my car next to their white Ford. The buildings that make up the Hampton National Historic Site surrounded us. While planning for this engagement session I had recommended various locations, but not this one. To be honest, I heard about it for the first time when Caitlin texted me saying they’d like to shoot their engagement session there. The grounds were well kept, although plastered with lingering snow. Timeless buildings stood tall. The gorgeous main mansion wore the prettiest shade of pink. Simply beautiful. Caitlin and Marshall stepped out of their car. We headed out for the long paths that wrap around the mansion. Quickly I learned that I was spending time with one normal person, and one weirdo who hates chocolate.


Back when Caitlin and Marshall first met, they were co-workers who never really spoke. Caitlin made a thoughtless comment to Marshall one day. A day when Marshall was having a hard time. She quickly realized her mistake and returned to work the next day bearing the gift of brownies. She wanted to do something to make it right. When she presented to him the brownies, she learned the shocking fact that Marshall doesn’t like chocolate! Thankfully Marshall forgave her and they saw past their different taste in desserts. The apology blossomed into a friendship, which is now leading them to marriage all these years later!


Caitlin and Marshall, from the start of your session until the end were able to see how very in love the two of you are with one another! Not only is your love visible, but so is your deep friendship. From our own experience with marriage, friendship is of the utmost importance. You will be at one another’s side through the good and the bad, from your wedding day and beyond. Sometimes marriage feels good, but other times not so much. Love is deeper and more important than emotions. We are so excited to be with you on your wedding day as your photographers! As we capture the most special day of your life, we will be praying for you and cheering you on as your start your new life as husband and wife!