Engagement Session at Wissahickon


We walked to the back of the restaurant. Kyle and Michael slid into the booth first, followed by Amy and Liesel. We had just been walking around Wissahickon Valley Park for Liesel and Michael’s engagement session, and they invited us to join them for cheesesteaks before we left Philly. The booth, though worn and old, provided great relief for our tired feet. In between delicious, salty bites we got to know each other better. Liesel shared what it’s like to work as a music therapist, using music to help both her patients and their families. Our hearts were moved as she spoke, but our hearts melted when Michael—whose quick wit hides under his more reserved demeanor—jumped in to share his perspective. We totally forgot about our dinner sitting in front of us. All we could do was hang onto every word coming from Michael’s mouth.

Michael often sees Liesel after she has finished working for the day. From these memories, he described how, despite what you might expect, she is filled with so much life and joy. Michael recognizes what an incredible trait it is for Liesel to be filled with such joy after a full, challenging day of service. He commented about the work she does and said something to the effect of, “she does so much good.” To be honest, we can barely recall what Michael said. We were both so fixated on the look of love upon his face as he looked at his future bride and spoke about her character and her heart. There was just a tremendous amount of love and respect for Liesel, and she shot back an embarrassed smile as she soaked in the compliments and praise from her beloved.

Liesel and Michael, we cherished the time we spent with you, and we loved hearing you both share about yourselves and each other. Spending time with you showed us such a pure, selfless love of the other. This pure and selfless love will lead to a fulfilling marriage! Our own marriage has been most joyful when we focus on giving instead of receiving, serving instead of expecting, and focusing on you instead of worrying about me. Liesel, your work as a music therapist, and Michael, your work as a Philadelphia firefighter, have already begun to mold your hearts into hearts fit for the vocation of marriage. We can’t wait to see God’s work come to fruition, and we are praying for you!