The warm weather and sun drew many pilgrims to the Grotto. It being such a familiar spot for all of us, we were able to work our way around the crowds to quiet locations. This wasn’t a typical, high-energy engagement shoot. We were able to get most of our conversations in over lunch before the […]

Gloria & Sean

Each day grew colder than the last. When Wednesday brought warm air, we welcomed it. The handful of leaves still clinging to the trees made sure we knew that, despite the warmth, it was indeed fall. It was the perfect day for one final trip to the water. The change of seasons causes the rate […]

Sarah & Matt

It was a Friday evening when our phones simultaneously buzzed. Usually, that means a group text or business email. On that night, it was the latter. A new inquiry for a wedding! We settled onto the couch to open the email together. This new couple had come across our page while Googling Catholic wedding photographers. […]

Carolyn & Conley

The late-afternoon sun wrapped around the greenery and flowers. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens was quiet on this Tuesday night. We were walking around one of the many flower gardens, and Amy held Marybeth’s engagement ring in her hand. With all of the flowers surrounding us, we were looking for the best spot to shoot some images […]

Marybeth & Joe

The tall grass brushed across our shins. Yellow caution tape wrapped around the playground next door. Silence fell heavy all around us. The sun tucked itself neatly behind the tree line, but allowed its hazy rays to shine through branches on the trees. Occasionally, the sound of children’s laughter pulled our attention briefly toward the […]

Faith & Will

The last bit of camera gear was packed into our bags. We were walking with Elizabeth and Erick through Spruce Street Harbor Park. There was a blue tint cast on everything from the sunken sun hidden by the clouds. We were basking in the post-engagement session high and enjoying our last bit of time with […]

Elizabeth & Erick

The sky was dark. DARK. “The storm will hold off,” Kyle said. Amy looked suspiciously at the sky, then to Kyle, then back to the sky. He stopped the car so she could get out and scout out the location while he parked. About two minutes later, the clouds released their rain. Like, a lot […]

Veronica & Troy

We stood in the long, winding, garden pathways at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America. Sounds of birds mixed with the silence. Our lungs took in long breaths of the fresh, clean air. Our eyes danced from one statue to another. One plant to another. We found ourselves to be standing in […]

Elena & Jonathan’s Engagement Session

Drew held Alli’s hand in his own. He led her down the sidewalk, looking into her eyes and smiling. All of a sudden, Drew seemed startled and looked over his shoulder. He looked back at Alli, then back over his shoulder. We were starting to wonder what the heck was going on, until we lowered […]

Alli and Drew’s Engagement