Natalie & Noah


The golden and red hues of fall surrounded us. Leaves crunched underfoot. As the sun warmed our skin, the breeze encouraged us to pull our jackets a little tighter. A blanket of leaves covered the road and the grass. The beauty was breathtaking. It felt like we were walking around in another world as we walked with Natalie and Noah. They had wanted engagement photos in the fall, and this had to have been the peak of fall beauty. The experience of watching one season transition into another is so hard to put into words, and likewise, so is the transition from friends to married.

Friendship and marriage both have their own seasons—one fading into the next. The extraordinary beauty of summer fading into fall pales in comparison to the beauty of friendship fading into marriage. As we shot Natalie and Noah’s engagement session, we were experiencing both of these transitions at once. Natalie and Noah have been together since high school, but the time has come for them to transition to husband and wife. They are so comfortable around each other and it would be difficult to imagine one without the other.

Natalie and Noah, you truly are in such a beautiful season of your relationship as you prepare for marriage. It brought us so much joy to spend time with you and capture your engagement photos. There is so much goodness and joy awaiting you in your vocation, and we’re excited to see some of that unfold! Thank you for inviting us on this journey with you as your photographers. We will be praying for you!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle