Erin & PJ


We’re always excited to hear from our couples about the planning process for their wedding. Each couple focuses on something unique and we get a peek at what their wedding day will be like. There are often small or large pieces that are causing stress, as well as pieces that they are looking forward to with great joy. While we were walking about the grounds of the Grotto, we asked Erin and PJ about their plans and what they still needed to do. Their answer was unique, something we had never heard before.

They told us about how PJ is preparing to enter the Church, and how they are both preparing to receive Confirmation. They’re hoping to receive these sacraments before entering into Matrimony.  We’ve seen other couples who have one member preparing to enter the Church before marriage, but we hadn’t yet seen a couple where both were growing together and entering more deeply into the life of the Church. Isn’t this the point of marriage? Aren’t Erin and PJ already setting themselves up for success? Marriage is our path to the Father. It helps us grow in holiness. Their desire to receive other sacraments together before marriage shows them yearning for closeness to the Father already.

Erin and PJ, spending time with you two at the Grotto was so fun! There is such a quiet peace and joy that exudes from you! To hear about the workings within your hearts made us even more excited for your wedding. The Lord is preparing such wonderful things for you. How could He not be? Look at the ways He is calling you both closer to Him! When we grow closer to God as individuals, we are able to grow closer to each other. That’s one of the many lessons we’ve learned in our own marriage. When your relationship with Him comes first, your marriage will remain strong. We are praying for you and cannot wait to celebrate your wedding with you soon!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle