Madison & Evan


There is nothing quite like a change of plans to show someone’s true colors. As we prepared for Madison and Evan’s engagement session, this is exactly what happened to us. They chose the National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes for their location, which was an excellent choice and a place we regularly go to as Emmitsburg residents. While enjoying lunch on the Saturday of their engagement session, Kyle was struck with a thought for the first time: would the Grotto be open for their sunset session? We both knew the answer as soon as he asked it: no. The Grotto closes at 5:00 pm and there was no getting around that. We totally overlooked that detail.

Madison and Evan chose the Grotto because it was a special location to them, and now we were about to deliver the blow that this location wasn’t going to work, even though we had been planning on it for weeks. Kyle contacted Madison and suggested another location nearby in Gettysburg. They had every right to be a bit annoyed or upset with us for overlooking this very important detail, but they were beyond understanding and kind about the mix-up. They were perfectly fine to have a change of plans and were excited to see the substitute location we suggested.

When we showed up to our new location to meet them in person for the first time, we instantly saw that their loveliness surrounding this situation was just the tip of the iceberg and was a regular trait of theirs. Madison and Evan were two of the sweetest people we’ve met! Capturing their love for one another while the sun set over the rolling hills was an incredible experience, and it seems like the Holy Spirit allowed this mix up regarding the Grotto’s closing time just to lead us to this location for their session. It was secluded and beautiful. There were even horses! After petting the horses for a while, and being photographed next to the massive creatures, Madison let us know she’s actually allergic to horses—another moment of rolling with the punches! 

Madison and Evan, we get giddy looking at these photos and thinking about how wonderful you two are. God is going to unfold all sorts of joys and blessings for you throughout your life, and it was fun to experience one of those moments with you in this engagement session. Life often takes unexpected twists and turns—we definitely see moments like this in marriage—but being able to go with the flow will be your greatest advantage in this vocation. You’ll be in our prayers as you continue to prepare for marriage. Thank you for choosing us to walk this road with you and capture this part of your story!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle