Carolyn & Jimmy


Carolyn and Jimmy

The park was bustling with people. Summer’s drastic transition to fall was calling all of us to take a closer look. The usual scenic views at Fort Hunter Mansion and Park were crowded with visitors, but fall had converted the entire park into a scenic view. We waited to cross the busy street to the other, less populated, side of the park. We had our own destination in mind: an old wooden bridge that stands tall, telling the story of the area’s history. Our hearts raced in our chests as one car zoomed past after another. We stood next to each other, and Jimmy stood next to us with his future bride, Carolyn, at his side. As a break in the traffic presented itself, we jogged across the road.

Hearing about Jimmy and Carolyn’s courtship, we imagine the experience was a bit like crossing that busy road. They met at a young-adult pig roast and found themselves surrounded by the same group of friends. As time marched on, Jimmy experienced that quickened heart rate around Carolyn. Transitioning from friendship to dating is a scary thing! When you value a relationship, you don’t want to see it ruined, but you also don’t want to wonder about what might have been. It requires risk and careful timing. It makes your heart race the way it does when you’re standing on the side of a busy street waiting to cross. There is risk, yes, but the possibility of what is on the other side pulls you anyway. 

Carolyn and Jimmy, we are so glad that Jimmy took that risk and decided to move your relationship from friendship to courtship. The fact that your story begins as friends in a shared friend group tells us a lot about what is coming in your near future. You’ll be entering into the sacrament of matrimony surrounded by friends who will love you, support you, and walk with you. In a world that devalues marriage, this kind of support is irreplaceable. As your life continues on, friends will come and go, but the Lord will always be sure to provide people for you to lean on and learn from during that season. Marriage must take place within the greater family of the Church, not only for the sake of building up the Church, but for our own sake and for our happy marriages, too. We are praying for you and cannot wait for your wedding day!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle