Caitlin & Max


The unseasonably warm breeze blew off the Potomac. It was one of the last days of the year when we wouldn’t need a jacket. The last remaining autumn leaves clung to the trees, as if hoping themselves to enjoy one last touch of summer. As a result, Jones Point Park teemed with visitors hoping to take advantage of the beautiful evening. 

Even with all the people surrounding us, our time with Caitlin and Max still felt intimate, as spending time with them gave us a glimpse into their relationship and their eagerness to enter marriage in just another month. We remembered our consultation with Caitlin and Max, and what stuck out the most to us in that call was their joy and excitement for marriage—just as we saw when we met them in person. Ever since that call a few months back, we’d been looking forward to their engagement session, knowing that their joy would come through in the photos we’d take of them. We were definitely right: we are always excited for our couples as they get closer to marriage, but the joy that radiates from Caitlin and Max is contagious, and it makes us look forward even more to serving them on their wedding day. 

Caitlin and Max, we are so excited for you as you approach your wedding in just a few more weeks! We love seeing how eager to enter the sacrament of marriage you both are. We know that your faith and your joy for being married to one another will carry you through any trials that come up. Know that we are praying for you in these last few weeks before your wedding!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle