The pews in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception are filled with family and friends. There is a comforting familiarity in the air. This chapel, here on the campus of Mount Saint Mary’s, had served as a spiritual home for Gloria and Sean when they met here as college students. Now, it provided the location […]

Mr. and Mrs. Harris

At the start of Ann and Alex’s engagement session, Amy was dealing with a wardrobe malfunction: a stubborn button would simply not do its singular job of keeping together two sides of her dress. Ann happened to have, and offered to Amy, some double-sided tape, which fixed the situation and saved the day. The double-sided […]

Ann & Alex

The past few months had been filled with planning. Dresses and suites were selected. Invitations sent. Seating charts completed. Bouquets and boutonnieres assembled. All necessary boxes on the wedding to-do list were checked, and now family and friends had arrived in town for tomorrow’s wedding. But despite all of these preparations, something extremely important went […]

Mr. and Mrs. Davis

The warm weather and sun drew many pilgrims to the Grotto. It being such a familiar spot for all of us, we were able to work our way around the crowds to quiet locations. This wasn’t a typical, high-energy engagement shoot. We were able to get most of our conversations in over lunch before the […]

Gloria & Sean

Amy’s phone is buzzing with a new text message. We are all sitting in the living room relaxing as the golden October day winds to an end. “Oh my gosh!” Amy gasps as she reads the message to herself. “What!?” Kyle inquires, as Amy begins to cry. “Alexis is proposing to Roxio, and he wants […]

Roxio & Alexis

The dinner hall radiated a soft, golden light. Friends and family worked alongside the bride and groom for about a week to transform the space. Soft, white drapery adorning the walls added to the feel of dreamy romance that accompanies a wedding day. The savory smells of homemade cooking and Nini’s lasagna drifted in from […]

Mr. and Mrs. Sardegna

John offered his arm to his only child, Carolyn. The room waited to welcome them. Family and friends gathered in the church and around the live stream. A deep breath. The moment had arrived. Together they took their first step down the aisle. As guests turned, they were greeted by the image of the beautiful […]

Mr. and Mrs. Lowrance

Amy walked down the busy streets of Old Town. Kyle and our third shooter (read: Winnie) were waiting for the bathroom and would not be too far behind. The beautiful weather brought everyone outside. Through the crowds, Amy spotted the Burkes. Judy was wearing that early pregnancy glow and Matt was holding a toddler potty […]

The Burke Family