Mr. and Mrs. Settles


Sophia and Chris sat together at the front of the church. We had all just listened to the words of the Gospel, and we readied ourselves for Father’s homily. To Sophia and Chris’s right, a colorful mosaic depicting the corporal works of mercy stretched across the wall. The many colors danced together beautifully, and their symbolism held even more beauty, so much so that Father focused on the mosaic for his homily. 

Father had Sophia and Chris turn around to look at everyone in the pews behind them. He explained that everyone sitting behind them made up the mosaic of their lives up to this point. Turning his attention back to the mosaic on the wall, he explained that mosaic artists will often leave a couple of stones out of their design purposely. Even an amazing work of art, which at first appears perfect, is not. Instead, it points to the reality that perfection doesn’t exist on this side of Heaven.

Sophia and Chris, up to your wedding day, your lives were lived separately and therefore imperfectly. Even though the bond of marriage will work to perfect you as individuals and as a couple, you will face difficulties which will remind you that even marrying the love of your life still leaves you ultimately unsatisfied. To quote St. Augustine, our hearts are restless until they rest in God. Only life with God in Heaven will satisfy our hearts’ deepest desire. Until that point, however, we have been given the gift of our spouse, our family, and our friends to encourage us on the path of holiness. Remember to always lean on this mosaic of friends and family, with the help of the Church and her sacraments, to lead you safely to your Heavenly home!

We will continue to pray for you in your new marriage!


Amy and Kyle

Many thanks to the vendor team!

Officiant: Fr. Ed Bresnahan

Church: Nativity Catholic Church

Reception and catering: The Bellevue

Photobooth: Event Rental LLC

Hair and makeup: Asal Studios

Cake: Edibles Incredible

DJ/entertainment services: Di Carlo DJ

Bride and bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal

Groom and groomsmen attire: Men’s Wearhouse