Kayla and Jacob


In our time as photographers, we’ve had a few opportunities to photograph a friend’s wedding. Granted, by the time we get to a wedding day, our couples already feel like close friends because we get to know each other during their engagement session, but we’re talking about photographing friends whom we’ve known before we started our business. We had this privilege when we photographed Roxio and Alexis’s wedding and Kate and Ben’s wedding. Having the opportunity to photograph the people we know and love is beyond what words can describe.

Kayla is one of those people to us. She and her siblings were our very first paying customers when our business started in 2019; they hired us to photograph their family as a Christmas gift for their parents. We know Kayla through Amy’s sister Shelby, who went to college with her. She was an incredible influence in Shelby’s life and helped her mature in her faith. How could we not love Kayla? When she inquired about her upcoming wedding, we were very excited about the prospect of photographing it, but we were even more excited to meet her fiancĂ©, Jacob.

When we arrived at their engagement session and met him for the first time, we instantly had that gut feeling that things were very good and that he was very good. Throughout their session, as we watched the two of them interact, we were flooded with joy and excitement for Kayla and Jacob. On the car ride home, we were filled with so much peace, it is hard to put into words. Sometimes discernment of spirits happens without much thought, but the soul responds to a godly thing when it is near.

Kayla and Jacob, we cannot predict what God has in store for you, but we trust that His plans for you are wonderful and vast. How is God going to protect and reclaim godly marriages and families? We think with families like the one you are preparing to establish. The Bible is filled with stories about promises, pain, redemption, and glory. Your story is another one pointing to the glory and might of God and His goodness. Thank you for trusting us to photograph your wedding and to walk with you on this journey! We are so excited for you!


Amy and Kyle