Megan & Nick


There is something so lovely about the rhythm of everyday family life: Working together to complete projects, making and enjoying meals, enjoying each other’s company, taking care of your home. It seems like fairytale writers have never been blessed enough to witness a family like this, since fairytales are filled with passion, adventure, and hopeless romantics. We can all be a bit passionate, adventurous, and romantic, but without our feet firmly planted on the ground and our hearts filled with God, life gets tough. 

After shooting Megan and Nick’s engagement photos and seeing the two of them looking so lovely in their outfits and with the night ahead of them, we asked what their plans were for after the shoot. Nick responded, “probably finish some homework and watch an episode of The Chosen.” Not exactly the evening talked about in fairytales, but arguably a better one. 

It’s widely known that relationships pass through a “honeymoon phase” when everything is seen through rose-colored glasses and the rest of the world can wait while the couple is swept up in one another. This phase is often followed by the crushing blow of reality, which leaves one or both members of the couple feeling disappointed. But what happens when a couple is discerning their marriage for the good of the other, and not their own gain? What happens when individuals prioritize prayer and let the Holy Spirit guide their discernment? Sure, there is still a bit of a honeymoon phase present, but from our experience working with dozens of Catholic couples—and from our own marriage— that peace and contentment continues to grow with time. 

Megan and Nick, we’ve only had the chance to spend a little bit of time with you so far, but with just that small bit of time we could discern so much about you and your relationship. We saw how respectful you are to one another, and how much admiration you each hold for the other. We enjoyed discussing dress and shirt options before the shoot and then witnessing the two of you make these outfit decisions together. You were both so flexible and willing to go with the flow when we ran into a last-minute location change. And when we were reminded by your homework comment that you were still students, we greatly admired the commitment that you are making to one another at an age when the world encourages selfishness. Thank you for choosing us to walk with you on this journey! We’re so excited for your wedding next June, and our family will be praying for you in the midst of our ordinary, yet lovely, family life!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle