Karen & Jimmy


Most of us have a list of things we’d like to do or change about ourselves before getting married. Sometimes there really are issues that need to be worked through, but more often than not, we are simply operating with expectations that are too high of ourselves and others pertaining to marriage. Some people end up being trapped by their expectations of a perfect marriage, thinking that their future spouse should be perfect and that they’ll need to be perfect to attract this person. This type of thinking prevents some people from getting married, or it delays marriages far longer than it should. When Jimmy started thinking about proposing to Karen, he imagined that he would reach a point when he was “ready.” 

Then, Jimmy started learning more about God and the Catholic faith through RCIA, and throughout that process, he arrived at the conclusion that there would never come a time when he was “ready.” So, he decided to propose. As we shot Karen and Jimmy’s engagement session, we captured more candid laughter and giggles than usual. Jimmy was constantly saying and doing little things, without us noticing, that would make Karen laugh. Watching the two of them together, they seem so at ease and well-matched. When they receive the grace from the sacrament of matrimony, things will only get sweeter. We are so excited for them!

Karen and Jimmy, your easy-going nature is contagious and makes it so fun to be around you! We loved watching the two of you interact as a couple, and we’re so excited to hear about the ways that you’re growing close to God together. Inviting God into your lives and relationships changes everything, as you’ve already seen with Jimmy’s change of heart regarding the timing of the proposal. God will continue to surprise you and bring great joy into your lives and relationship. We will be praying for you!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle