The Burke Family


Amy walked down the busy streets of Old Town. Kyle and our third shooter (read: Winnie) were waiting for the bathroom and would not be too far behind. The beautiful weather brought everyone outside. Through the crowds, Amy spotted the Burkes. Judy was wearing that early pregnancy glow and Matt was holding a toddler potty seat. Both had contagious, wide smiles. As Amy got closer, she saw him. He was sitting in his stroller and was literally as cute as a toddler could possibly be. Joseph. 

When we shot the Burke family’s portraits last year, Joseph was so tiny! Standing before us this year was a grown toddler in suspenders. What a difference a year can make. It’s an even bigger difference when children are involved! Judy and Matt were still as amazing as ever. They knew all of the little tricks to make Joseph laugh. He is well known and loved. He is also getting ready for his new role as a big brother, to a boy who is due next May! We also had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Matt’s parents, Mary and Bill, as well! They gave us a visual reminder that it takes a village to raise a child, as they took turns swinging toys and calling Joseph’s name to help get him to look at the camera! 

Judy and Matt, we really enjoyed capturing images for your family again this year! You are both doing such a great job. We are excited to see the work God does in your family as you welcome your new son into the world. To see you both interacting with Joseph, it is clear how much you love him. God loves you so much more than even that. It’s just crazy. Spending time with children is such a fast way to realize the immensity of God’s love and goodness. We are praying for you, and ask that anyone who reads this blog post will pause for a moment to pray for your family and especially for your pregnancy, too!


Amy and Kyle