Mr. and Mrs. Lowrance


John offered his arm to his only child, Carolyn. The room waited to welcome them. Family and friends gathered in the church and around the live stream. A deep breath. The moment had arrived. Together they took their first step down the aisle. As guests turned, they were greeted by the image of the beautiful bride. Conley’s eyes first met with his mom’s and they shared a smile. Then he looked over to his best man, Austin. They shared a high-five. A lifetime of experiences and relationships had prepared Carolyn and Conley to live and love selflessly in marriage. They were entirely ready for this day.

Fr. DeRosa spoke about the early days of Carolyn and Conley’s relationship. He had met Conley first. His initial opinion was, “This is a good man,” but he said to himself a day later, “He’s good, but he could use some extra.” Man is good, but when you add to him a woman he becomes much better—a truth about men and women from the time of creation that is still valid today. As Conley’s relationship with Carolyn continued to grow, Father saw that “some of his sharp corners begin to be rounded a little bit.” With Carolyn at his side, Conley was becoming a better man. 

Carolyn and Conley, this sharpening of each other will continue throughout your marriage. You will always be there to challenge and encourage one another to become better. We were so struck by Father’s words, “There is this beautiful joy and a new sense of completion that comes when woman is added to man.” Our marriage has been filled with a beautiful joy and new sense of completion, and we are praying that yours will be, too. God will never hold back necessary graces from you. He will give to you all that you need to live your marriage well. Congratulations! We are praying for you!


Amy and Kyle

The vendor team:

Officiant: Father Vincent DeRosa

Mass: St. Mary Mother of God

Reception: Trump International Hotel DC

Florist: Tang Austin Florals

Hair and makeup: Modern Bridal Studio

Dress: Ellie’s Bridal Boutique