Sarah & Matt


Each day grew colder than the last. When Wednesday brought warm air, we welcomed it. The handful of leaves still clinging to the trees made sure we knew that, despite the warmth, it was indeed fall. It was the perfect day for one final trip to the water. The change of seasons causes the rate of visitors to slow at the park, so Terrapin Beach Park was quiet. We were left almost to ourselves as we walked along the sand with Sarah and Matt, small waves greeting our feet. The entire evening was peaceful, relaxed, and fun. As the sun dropped, we called out to Sarah and Matt a celebratory announcement that we were finished, and that’s when they requested one more shot.

While walking back to the beach from the footbridge, Matt was retrieving something from his pocket. It was his rosary. The one Sarah had bought for him. The one with which he prays for her. As they had prepared for their engagement session and decided which details they’d want to be included in their photos, they knew his rosary would be one. As our session continued, it became emotional. With each click of the shutter, we were preserving the story of how Matt prays for Sarah and vice versa. We had a visual sign pointing to an invisible reality. Pure selfless love. 

Sarah and Matt, we are so thankful to God that we have this front row seat in your journey to marriage. Spending time at the beach where you’ve shared time on dates, learning about your jobs and plans for after the wedding, and capturing all of the fun details you brought to your session was incredible. We pray a family rosary every single day. Our time set aside for praying the rosary is more guarded than anything else on our schedule. Seriously, we are pretty much obsessed. So seeing you pull out a rosary as a detail for your engagement session has just sent our hearts soaring, and these are some of our favorite images ever captured because of the reality that they reveal. Keep praying for each other! We are praying for you, too.

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle