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Amy and kyle catholic photography


Amy walked down the busy streets of Old Town. Kyle and our third shooter (read: Winnie) were waiting for the bathroom and would not be too far behind. The beautiful weather brought everyone outside. Through the crowds, Amy spotted the Burkes. Judy was wearing that early pregnancy glow and Matt was holding a toddler potty […]


Judy ran over to their car. Matt stood next to me. Baby Joseph sat upright in his arms. We were taking a break from photographing them so Judy could make a few outfit adjustments. As she grabbed a scarf and some pearls from the car, Matt warmed up Joseph. It was the type of cold […]

Carolyn & Conley

It was important to both of us that we found photographers that understood the reverence of the Mass and the important moments of the ceremony. We absolutely loved our photos. The quality and editing were beautiful. I have only exceptional things to say about them as both photographers and people and we highly recommend their services to any couple."

"We are so grateful that we found Amy & Kyle!

meredith & Jake

You guys are amazing! You made our wedding day so fun and special and we felt so at ease and comfortable the whole time!"

"We can’t thank you enough for everything! 

Shelby & Conner

 But what I loved most about working with them is that they keep the Catholic faith at the core of what they do. Beyond taking breathtaking pictures, they really walked with us and set a wonderful example of the kind of sacramental marriage that stood before us."

"Amy and Kyle made me feel beautiful both inside and out on my wedding day!