Mr. and Mrs. Piña


The excitement and joy from the nuptial Mass still clung to the air. We hid from the hot sun with Roxio and Alexis on the side of the church. The small strip of shade provided great relief and a moment’s rest. Alexis held in his hands a box. It was a long rectangular box, and inside was a present from Roxio waiting to be revealed. Roxio wrapped her hands around the arm of her new husband as he lifted the lid. Her eyes paused in expectation of his reaction, and her lips smiled a peaceful smile, telling of her great joy. Alexis slid the lid off of the box.

His eyes widened as his jaw dropped. Elation showed on every inch of his being. He looked at the box and exclaimed, “You got me styrofoam!” Roxio’s laugh erupted, and we knew that witnessing this moment between them was giving us a peek into the joys that await them ahead. As he removed the styrofoam to reveal his actual present from Roxio, a new emotion fell over them. This time it was the joy that comes from being deeply understood. 

Reaching into the box, he held up a beautiful cleaver. His face held both joy and speechlessness. Roxio added, “I know you’ve been wanting one for a while.” Not only did this gift reveal an understanding of one spouse’s interests to the other, but also showed a shared interest between them. Roxio has always been an incredible chef and has found so much joy in the kitchen. God has blessed her with a husband who is as comfortable and joyful behind the stove as she is. This shared interest is just one of the many commonalities they share which will certainly bring them great joy in the journey of their marriage. 

Roxio and Alexis, we want to start by saying congratulations once more. It was an honor to know and support Roxio as she waited for her spouse, and we’re so excited to know and support both of you moving forward. We’re so struck by your mutual generosity. You’re both so generous with your time, resources, and love. As we met many friends and members of your family whom we’ve never met before, it was obvious to us how much you are loved. As your marriage continues to grow and strengthen, you will no doubt leave everyone who crosses your path better off than you found them. We’re praying for you and cannot wait to see the adventure which the Lord will provide ahead!


Amy and Kyle

Thank you to all of the vendors who worked to make Roxio and Alexis’s wedding day so perfect!

Officiant: Fr. John Ignatius Ezratty

Church: Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Reception venue: Woman’s Club Rockwood

Wedding planner/coordinator: Dulce Dia Events

Florist: The Divine Plan Events

Hair and makeup: Blush and Bangs Co.

Catering: El Zarape

Cake: Skylar Bryce

DJ/entertainment services: Dj Flamezz

Dress: The Dress Bridal

Groomsmen and groom attire: Jim’s Formal Wear

Invitations: Samantha Statt