Mr. and Mrs. Morie


Champagne bubbled in tall glasses. Family and friends turned their attention first to the matron of honor, then to the best man, then to members of the bride and groom’s family. The room was silent so as to not miss a word from speech givers. The best man and matron of honor often know the bride and groom better than anyone else in the room. They usually have a front-row seat to the relationship and to the individuals preparing for marriage. As the toasts for Grace and Thomas played out, we heard glimpses of their story. The saddle shoes which first caught Thomas’s attention. The 800-mile round trip for a top Thomas’s hat fitting. Grace hand-stitching 1500 pearls onto her vintage dress. All of these little moments highlight how special Grace and Thomas are and why they are so unique. We thought we’d add an observation of our own.

While building their wedding day timeline with us, Grace and Thomas told us that their reception would be ending at 5:30. They chose this early end time because they wanted to enjoy their first day of marriage together. We’ve never known anyone else to make a decision like this, but we think it’s such a good idea. The day began with family and friends surrounding them, celebrating together. The Mass was lovely and reverent, and the reception was joyful and filled with everything guests look forward to. Ending the night early left out nothing and only reflected the unique nature of Grace and Thomas even more. We would love to be more like them.

Grace and Thomas, your wedding showcased the beauty of you as individuals and as a couple. We can only imagine how beautiful your marriage is going to be! We were struck by how you two make such a perfect pair, and it was obvious that your family and friends share that sentiment. Your relationship is such a gift to everyone around you, and your confidence in being yourselves has clearly inspired others and showed a new perspective of beauty. We’re so blessed to know you and we treasure the memories of your wedding day! You’ll continue to be in our family’s prayers.


Amy and Kyle

Thank you to all of the vendors who helped make Grace and Thomas’s wedding day so great!

Officiant’s name: Father Vincent De Rosa

Church: St. Mary Mother of God

Reception venue and catering: Rosensteel Hall

Florist: Ling’s Moments

Cake: Vayla Lamarra

DJ/Entertainment: Alex Mackle

Dress: Vintage from Etsy

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Dainty Jewells

Groom attire: The Tailored Man, some vintage, spats sewed by bride

Groomsmen attire: Men’s Wearhouse 

Invitations: The American Wedding

Bridesmaids hats: Made by the bride