Mr. and Mrs. Coli


Lights and candles sparkled throughout the barn. A colorful sunset illuminated the sky beyond the mountains. Friends and family selected their own seats in the beautiful and comfortable space. The evening was filled with so much joy. 

Fr. Diego stood with a microphone in one hand and a gift in the other. As he shared this gift with Hayley and Chris, tears of appreciation poured forth. He presented a rosary to them and explained that it was blessed by St. Pope John Paul II. Being married on his feast day, and already having a deep devotion to him, there could hardly be a more fitting present for them. 

Hayley and Chris, you were illuminated throughout your entire wedding day with the deep joy that comes from knowing Jesus. Every element of your nuptial Mass and following celebration was infused with your love for God. There was a deep peacefulness surrounding the day. Even throughout your wedding preparations, we would often talk about how you two were so laid back about everything. Hayley, your sister mentioned this in her toast to you two as well. That detachment from a “perfect” day can only come when you recognize the reality of the sacrament. You know that the real joy is lived out day after day in the sacrament of matrimony and not just on the wedding day.

We are so happy to live in the same town as you, and we look forward to watching your marriage grow and be a blessing to you in this first year! 


Amy and Kyle