Mr. and Mrs. Davis


The past few months had been filled with planning. Dresses and suites were selected. Invitations sent. Seating charts completed. Bouquets and boutonnieres assembled. All necessary boxes on the wedding to-do list were checked, and now family and friends had arrived in town for tomorrow’s wedding. But despite all of these preparations, something extremely important went missing.

Matt’s rosary was nowhere to be found, the rosary that was given by Sarah as a gift. The one we photographed during their engagement session. The one with which many prayers had been prayed. Sarah and Matt were desperate to find this prized possession; they even came before The Lord in adoration to beg His help in finding it. At the end of the night, when their hope at recovering the rosary was beginning to dwindle, Matt dropped Sarah off at the hotel. She figured she’d just check to see if by chance someone had found it and turned it in. To her surprise, the hotel employee with whom she spoke pulled out the rosary. It had in fact been found and turned in, and by none other than Matt’s Godfather. 

This story so perfectly highlights the mystery of the spiritual life. Even with everything else ready to go, you knew your wedding day would not have been the same if this special rosary was missing. The same will be true for every single day of your marriage. Even if everything else seems ready to go, your marriage will never reach the same heights without the help of prayer. The fact that you set everything else aside to make time for the search is exactly how intense you should be about guarding your prayer and spiritual life as a married couple, even to the point of begging The Lord for help when things get tough. Being surrounded by faithful family and friends, like you are, will assist you more times than you can count. The way Matt’s Godfather found his rosary is so symbolic of how the Christian faithful surrounding you will support you and bring you closer to God, time and time again, especially when you’re in a season that makes finding God difficult. 

Sarah and Matt, we are so excited to witness the plans God has for both of you. Our hearts were warmed to see the ways you invited God and your faith into your wedding day. From the bridesmaids praying the rosary together in the morning to guests signing a “guest Bible” with their favorite verses, you definitely made your wedding about the three of you—Sarah, Matt, and Christ. Keep Him in the center of your relationship and family. Continue to live lives of faith. If you do, you’ll never regret it!


Amy and Kyle

A special thank you to everyone who helped make Sarah and Matt’s wedding day so special for them:

Officiant: Fr. Mark Moretti
Church: Saint Mary’s Annapolis
Reception venue: Annapolis Martime Museum
Catering: Mission BBQ
Donuts: Sandy Pony Donuts
DJ/entertainment services: DJ Rahn with Crow Entertainment
Dress: Azazie
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Azazie
Groomsmen and groom attire: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Invitations: Zola