Kate & Ben


Back in the fall, Kyle made an appointment with Ben to have our car worked on, and they were planning to go out for dinner afterwards. At some point the plan changed, and they decided to come have dinner at our house so Amy and Winnie could spend some time with Ben, too. We were enjoying our time together and catching up when Ben shared the news that he was seeing someone. We watched his eyes light up and his smile stretch from ear to ear as he told us about Kate. During that dinner, back in the fall, Ben clearly already knew that he had met his wife.

Fast forward to May and we found ourselves pulling up to Rose Farm in Gettysburg for their engagement session. This was not the first time we’ve spent time with Kate, but just like every time we’ve seen the two of them together, we were blown away by what a match these two are. It’s a beautiful experience to know someone before they’ve met their spouse, and to witness first-hand how compatible they are with this other person. Ben and Kate are just so perfect with each other that it would be impossible to see them the same way we did before they met each other. 

Ben and Kate, we are just over-the-moon excited for you two. Your relationship illustrates God’s desire to write beautiful stories and give amazing gifts. If we are this excited being mere friends, I can’t even imagine how excited your families are for you! It’s been a great joy to watch our friend find the most amazing girl to be his wife! We are praying for you and look forward to seeing all that God blesses you with on this journey.