Carolyn & Conley


It was a Friday evening when our phones simultaneously buzzed. Usually, that means a group text or business email. On that night, it was the latter. A new inquiry for a wedding! We settled onto the couch to open the email together. This new couple had come across our page while Googling Catholic wedding photographers. Immediately we were transported back via memories to the time we were settled on a different couch searching for our own wedding photographer, hoping to find someone Catholic. Before reading anything more, we already felt an instant connection to Carolyn and Conley. We could see ourselves in the words they wrote.

When the time came for their engagement session, we walked to the Reflecting Pool with butterflies in our stomachs. We don’t meet most of our clients until their engagement session, but we leave the teleconsultation already wanting to be friends. This was one hundred percent the case with Carolyn and Conley. We already related to them so much from their inquiry, but as we spoke to them during their consultation we just loved everything we were hearing. 

People will, on occasion, ask if we regret serving such a small and specific clientele with our photography business. We usually laugh out, “No way!” Serving Catholic couples and giving them an option for reverent photography coverage is one of the greatest jobs God has called us to, behind our vocation as spouses and parents. We get to meet and be friends with people we never would have before; Carolyn and Conley work for congressmen as professional schedulers, whereas Amy rarely knows what day of the week it is, much to Kyle’s chagrin. 

Carolyn and Conley, we are humbled, thankful, and over the moon with excitement for the fact that you choose us to serve you on your wedding day. We’re starting to sound a bit like broken records here, but despite our obvious differences alluded to above, we truly see so much of ourselves in you. There is a quote from a wonderful book called Modern Attacks Against the Family and Catholic Courtship, by Carlos Miguel Buela, that reads, “It is only in healthy families—and only exceptionally outside of them—that strong and virtuous men and women are formed, heroes and saints, who are the only ones able to build up their nation and to sow the seed of the Church, even with their own blood if necessary.” Our Church needs more families like this! Holding your faith and marriage as a priority will ensure that you are one of these families. We’re striving for this, too. We are praying for you!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle