Erica & James


One of the best parts about working as Catholic wedding photographers is meeting so many Catholic couples and hearing their stories. Erica and James are devout Catholics who grew to take their faith more seriously in the years leading up to meeting each other. Before they met, they were each praying for a faithful spouse. Erica started to consider how she was praying, and changed her intention to “God, give me what I need.” About two weeks later, she met James. 

Throughout our consultation call and their engagement session, we were able to watch Erica and James together. They are like two puzzle pieces that are meant to connect, and we say that to express just how much these two fit together and balance each other. To think of Erica’s prayer and then to see her with James is akin to seeing God respond to a beloved child. He has given both Erica and James what they need, and they are a wonderful gift to each other. Together they are experiencing the joy of their love (and soon-to-be marriage) and also the joy of Christ. 

Erica and James, thank you for sharing the story of what God has done in your relationship so far. Whenever we read a book, we learn a little about the author who wrote it, and when we hear of how God is working in someone’s life, we learn a bit more about Him, too. God wants us to share in his own blessed life and happiness more than anything else, and you are definitely getting a taste of that as you prepare for your marriage and new life together. We are excited to pack a cooler and stake our spot at the lake with you two to hear more about what He is doing! God just might be giving us what WE need, too, in our new friendship with you!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle