Ann & Alex


At the start of Ann and Alex’s engagement session, Amy was dealing with a wardrobe malfunction: a stubborn button would simply not do its singular job of keeping together two sides of her dress. Ann happened to have, and offered to Amy, some double-sided tape, which fixed the situation and saved the day. The double-sided tape was packed into Ann’s bag at the suggestion of Alex’s mother, a talented seamstress. Ann explained that her soon-to-be mother-in-law has helped a lot with her wedding dress. She will be doing the alterations and will help Ann’s mother get the dress on her for their wedding day. We think this is such a beautiful role for the mother of the groom!

To raise a child takes a village, as the saying goes. In our own experience as parents, we see the need for a village to help us raise our own daughter, and we still rely on our parents and siblings for their love and support, even in our adult years. Alex’s mom altering Ann’s wedding dress is so symbolic of the help in-laws are able to provide to their child and to his or her new spouse. Yes, today she is helping with the material issue at hand—the wedding dress. But down the road she will continue to help Ann in countless ways, and Alex will be the recipient of this additional help as well. 

Ann and Alex, when you marry one another in July, you will not only inherit a spouse, but a family. Your larger, combined family will provide you with so much love and support, and you will do the same for them. One of our most important roles in life is to enter deeply into relationships and to love one another, as this is one way for us and for our loved ones to become saints! We are so excited for you to experience the many joys of marriage and life together as husband and wife. We are praying for you!