Hayley & Chris’s Engagement Session


Our relationship with Hayley and Chris is unique compared to most of our other couples. For one, we knew them before they became clients, and two, they live here in Emmitsburg with us. These two things have allowed us more time than usual to get to know them and the story of their relationship before even getting to their engagement session. For Hayley and Chris, we got to hear about how they met and got engaged while we were sitting around our kitchen table. As Amy pulled the chicken pot pie from the oven, we were already deep in the joys of listening. 

They met at the Grotto here in Emmitsburg, where Chris worked. It all started with Chris having a crush on Hayley after seeing her at Mass at the glass chapel, and it turned into something more when—plot twist—Hayley was hired to work at the Grotto with Chris. In October, they’ll be getting married in that same glass chapel where it all began. Through this conversation with them, we saw a peek into where their relationship came from, but we also saw a preview of where it might be going. Hayley and Chris have many shared dreams and work so well together. As Hayley shared her vision to one day own a coffee shop, and Chris echoed his support and mutual desire, it was clear to us that they are a couple willing to work together. Marriage requires work, as does living a holy life, so a supportive spouse who is on the same page is a must.

Hayley and Chris, we can’t wait to photograph your wedding! Seeing your no-fuss approach to planning your wedding is reminding us of the simple joys found on wedding days. As we left your engagement session, we were talking about how we leave every engagement session saying, “Wow—they were so great! I wish we could hang out more!” and with you guys, we actually can! We are looking forward to being there on your wedding day to photograph all of these memories for you, and then to still be with you beyond the wedding day as you live as a married couple. We’re praying for you and are excited to see the good work done by the Lord in your lives!


Amy and Kyle