Abby & Christian


As we parked at the church parking lot, we looked for Abby and Christian’s car. Just then they pulled in and parked next to us. This wasn’t a typical location for us to first meet our clients. We were at the church where they will be married and celebrate at their reception in October. After having greeted one another, we walked around the beautiful grounds. We still had plenty of time before we needed to drive to the location they had selected for their engagement session. As we walked, they were able to share with us their plans for their wedding day, and their excitement came across loud and clear. The situations which lead them to this church reminded us of our own wedding day.

Christian is from New Jersey and Abby is from Maryland. They met while studying at The Catholic University of America. Abby’s family had moved during that time, so it wasn’t obvious where they should get married. Most couples use the bride’s home parish, but with her family having moved, Abby didn’t really know the new parish. They thought about having the Mass in DC since they met and fell in love in that city, but that idea didn’t sit right, either. Then, the mom of the children for whom Abby used to nanny suggested her parish. It was close to DC and to Abby’s family‚Äôs new home, and it had beautiful grounds to host their reception as well. Walking around the property with Abby and Christian before their engagement session, we can say that God did indeed provide the perfect location for them to begin their marriage.

Abby and Christian, we also had our wedding Mass at a parish neither of us was really connected to. It’s a long story for another day, but what ended up happening is that our day was perfect. It seemed like the Lord handpicked the location for us. We think this demonstrates how the Lord works for us in our marriages. He is always providing, and He always waits for us to be receptive and to receive His good gifts. Try to keep that receptive mindset as you enter into Holy Matrimony with one another. Receive the good and the trials with trust that the Lord has a plan and knows what He is doing! We are so excited to celebrate your wedding with you (the day after our 5-year wedding anniversary!) and to see all of the good the Lord has planned.


Amy and Kyle