Grace & Thomas


Grace and Thomas sit on a white bench. Behind them, a hydrangea bush is in full bloom. In front of them, various trees create a shady hideaway behind the Carlyle House. Thomas removes his hat (as would have been the custom when a gentleman sat with a lady in times past). They are dressed to the nines in beautiful, vintage clothing, a common interest of theirs which is noticeable at first glance. In fact, it was a glance at a vintage-inspired item that the other was wearing that first made Grace and Thomas notice one another.

They were at their parish’s coffee hour and were both wearing two-toned shoes. They each noticed the other’s shoes and this led them into a conversation. They soon learned that they had more in common than shoe preference alone, sharing a love for swing dancing and for all vintage fashion. This common interest that first brought them together would play an influential part in the ring with which Thomas asked Grace to marry him. Her stone is set with the prongs heading north, south, east, and west, instead of the modern preference on the corners. This setting would have been common in the Edwardian period, and the ring is perfect to represent the common interest that provided the fertile soil for Grace and Thomas’ love to grow.

Grace and Thomas, we left your engagement session saying “they are just so perfect together” basically the entire ride home. We couldn’t wipe the smiles from our faces, so we can only imagine the joy your friends and family have for the two of you as you prepare for the sacrament of matrimony. Your relationship allows all of us to peek into a window of God’s workshop and witness how much love He puts into the details. He wants to love us and wow us with the big AND small things in life, and your shared interests and willingness to learn new things from one another (like hiking, sewing, and knitting) show God’s love in the small details. We are so excited for your wedding in January and can’t wait to see all of the good things He has in store for you down the road!

Amy and Kyle