Roxio & Alexis


Amy’s phone is buzzing with a new text message. We are all sitting in the living room relaxing as the golden October day winds to an end. “Oh my gosh!” Amy gasps as she reads the message to herself. “What!?” Kyle inquires, as Amy begins to cry. “Alexis is proposing to Roxio, and he wants to fly us out to California to photograph the proposal.”

At this point, Roxio and Alexis have been dating for about 7 months, and we have only had the pleasure of meeting him once over video chat. Roxio, on the other hand, has been a very close and dear friend of ours for almost 6 years. She had walked with us as a friend during our dating relationship, helped Amy discern marriage with Kyle, stood with us as a bridesmaid on our wedding day, and now is like an aunt to Winnie—who loves her Titi Roxio! We’ve spent years praying together as friends for her vocation and have cried and laughed together countless times along the way (Kyle would like to make it clear that he didn’t participate in the crying part). She’s truly a part of our family, and now Alexis wants to make her a part of his family, too, as he asks her to be his wife.

Our minds are instantly filling with thoughts. Even though we live on opposite sides of the country, Alexis knows how much we all mean to one another and he knows the importance of our friendship. He is demonstrating the selflessness of his love for Roxio by inviting us to take part in this intimate moment as a gift to her (and us!). We know, at the moment this text message arrives, that Alexis is exactly the man we’ve all been praying for Roxio to meet. His selflessness might finally be a match for Roxio’s unbeatable selflessness!

Before we know it, the months have passed and the big day has arrived. We find ourselves at Gaviota Beach just outside of Santa Barbara helping Roxio’s friend and roommate Yami bring her vision for their beach picnic to life. Once everything is set up, we light the candles and sprinkle rose petals as a final touch before finding places to hide. We crouch and lay in the wet sand and wait. As they come into sight, Roxio is just beaming. Alexis has the look of a man who’s done well (because he has!). Amy’s already crying. They sit down to start their picnic, and now we experience the creepy side of hidden photography as we watch them eat from our hiding places. Whatever! Then Alexis suddenly stands up. He makes eye contact with Kyle, and then Amy, and then drops to one knee. 

We’re all creeping out of our hiding places now, but the world has faded away for Roxio. She doesn’t notice us. She later confesses that she was not even aware of the explosive applause coming from other beachgoers who witnessed the event. All she’s aware of at this moment is Alexis, her future husband. 

Just as she rides that wave of joy and excitement, Alexis looks behind her, and with her classic Roxio attitude she’s thinking, “What is he looking at?!” She turns around to see Yami standing there, and explodes into joyful laughter while yelling for her, “Yami!” Then she notices Kyle. We watch the confusion, followed by realization, wash over her. Then Alexis points to Amy. We all finally get to run, hug, and congratulate them! It’s every bit as amazing and emotional as we imagined it would be.

Roxio and Alexis, we could honestly write forever and ever and never run out of words to say to you or about you. We’re sure your other friends and family would agree! You are both such special people, and the fact that you met one another is evidence of God’s hand in your lives, and proof that He is ready and able to give you good things. He desires the absolute best for you and knows that ultimately that means getting you to Heaven to be with Him. He has now shown you your vocation, which is the path that will lead you straight there. It will be challenging, as all good things tend to be from time to time, but it will be worth it. You are so loved, and you have so many people supporting you and praying for you. Count on our prayers, too! We love you guys. Congratulations!

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle