Veronica & Troy


The sky was dark. DARK. “The storm will hold off,” Kyle said. Amy looked suspiciously at the sky, then to Kyle, then back to the sky. He stopped the car so she could get out and scout out the location while he parked. About two minutes later, the clouds released their rain. Like, a lot of rain. Amy took shelter in the Torpedo Factory and called Veronica and Troy to meet her there. Kyle was not far behind. Now together as a group, we started to talk about our plan. This was not your average sprinkle that we’ve shot in before. This rain was heavy and abundant. “It’s not too bad!” Veronica said as we looked at the sheets of rain falling from the sky. “It will be like The Notebook!” We agreed that if they were okay with getting soaked, then so were we! And with a quick step out from the awning, we were all soaked.  

We’ve shot in many different conditions, but this was definitely one of the most fun. Veronica and Troy were not bothered by the rain. They were excited to have these photos taken, and we were all excited to spend time together. It was a gift to see them from our perspective. They were getting poured on but maintained cheerful attitudes. There would need to be more than a little rain to sour their moods and ruin their days. My goodness, the smiles we captured from Veronica through the raindrops…if there ever was a bride-to-be who loves her groom. And Troy totally rolled with the punches as he stood there getting completely soaked, smiling back at Veronica. 

Veronica and Troy, we already felt so privileged to have you in our lives as our friends, but now we feel beyond blessed to walk with you in your engagement all the way to your wedding. You’ve given us a front row seat on your journey to husband and wife, and we love everything we see. Watching the two of you face the rain that fell upon you during your engagement session just shows your ability to roll with the punches. That will be an important quality to have for your marriage! When you bend, you are not so easily broken. We are praying for the two of you and cannot wait to celebrate your marriage in six more months!


Amy and Kyle