Theresa and Eric’s Engagement


Winnie’s baby monitor emitted static on the kitchen table. She rolled over, and was just about asleep. My eyes darted from her monitor to my laptop. In Gmail I pulled up my email exchanges with Theresa, and carefully transferred the details onto a plain white sheet of printer paper. Interacting with details like this helps me visualize clients before “meeting” over the phone. With Winnie now asleep and everything I knew about Theresa and her wedding to Eric written out in front of me, I dialed her number.

It was instantly easy to talk with Theresa. Our conversation moved through all of the typical conversation points we cover with prospective couples, and most of it would be difficult to recall without my piece of white printer paper covered in notes in front of me. But one part of the conversation I can recall without a problem is when Theresa told me about the adventure that has been her relationship with Eric.

They met years ago at her sister’s wedding, since Eric had been friends with her siblings in college. He asked her to dance, and she assumed he was only doing so since she was Mary’s little sister. She totally missed the fact that Eric wasn’t thinking of her as Mary’s little sister, but just as Theresa! Fast forward to January of this year. Theresa was planning a trip to DC to participate in the March for Life, and put out a feeler on Facebook to see if anyone would want to hang out while she was in town. Well guess who just so happens to live in DC now? Eric! He reached out and she agreed to meet him to go dancing (once again!) after the March. She was exhausted, but gladly went. When the time came to choose a location for their engagement session, they decided on Echo Park because (you guessed it) they love to go dancing in the ballroom there!

Theresa and Eric, we are so excited that the two of you have chosen to spend the rest of your lives with one another. This marriage seems to have been in the works for years, and with good patience and trust in the Lord you’ve been brought here. It was so clear to us throughout your engagement session that you are very much in love, but even more than that you admire and honor one another in a beautiful way. Marriage is a continuous opportunity to lay down your life for your spouse, and from the little we’ve seen, you’re going to ease into things just great. We are so excited to be with you during your wedding next week! You’ve planned everything quickly, and when you’re confident in the Lord’s will for you, there is really no good reason to wait! We are praying for you, and we’ll see you soon! 


Amy and Kyle